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A company that crosses the infinite boarders at the stage of global markets

A&Tradeis a general trading company mainly export-import business of medical communication equipment, communication equipment and household products.

In addition, it provides the optimal terms and services that customers want based on the business knowhow of various countries such as swift information capabilities and skilled business technique in conjunction with the reliable partners throughout the world.

Nurse Call System

We sell products of the communication field of hospitals such as Nurse Call System, Medical Equipment System and so forth, and our products of which safety and excellence have been recognized contribute to the improvement of medical accident and hospital administration system by making smooth the communication between patients and hospitals.

Phone Call Recorder

We sell the devices with the processing functions of diverse information exchange such as video as well as voice and data, transmission and telecommunication which will be the industry to play the important role to build up the highly information-oriented society in the future.

Household Products

Consisting of various groups of personal care products and living care products, we sell the products of excellent quality and inexpensive prices.